Different Career Options For Auto Detailing Businesses

You need to be careful about who you trust to do your auto detailing and auto restoration work. There are many people out there that claim they can do this work, but they do not have the proper training or licensing to do so. Learn what to watch for when considering hiring someone to do work on your vehicle.

Surprisingly, the largest concentration of auto dealers has come from technical schools. It is no secret that most detail shops depend on auto detailers to do their job. However, you can find that many auto detailers actually have bachelor’s degrees in either mechanical engineering or automotive engineering. While some auto detailers may have a college diploma, you can find that experience at other job places will assist you becoming an auto detailer. Many employers prefer hiring someone with a degree, because of the fact that they believe the person will have more dedication than someone who only has a high school diploma.

Most professional auto detailers will have some sort of certification and training in car wash and detailing. Oftentimes, the companies they work for will give you this training and certification upon your graduation. In most cases, you will have to complete a certain number of hours working in a car wash and then you will be able to take a test to certify you as a professional auto detailer. This certification is good for two years, which is why it is important that you complete your education as quickly as possible.

Not all auto detailers start out in a body shop. A lot of them start out doing private detailing for people. For the people who are unable to afford a professional degree, body shops are the next best alternative. The trade schools and technical colleges will offer a certificate which will allow you to get a job in a body shop.

If you decide to enter the world of body shops, you will need to complete an associate’s degree at a community college. Along with your degree, you may also need to take general training courses. These courses are typically not very intense, but they will teach you the ins and outs of detailing, as well as provide you with some basic computer knowledge which is necessary for running your own car wash and detailing business.

Another popular career option is mobile detailing and washing. Mobile detailing refers to detailing automobiles on the job. A lot of auto detailers begin their work by operating a mobile washing and detailing company. They will arrive at an auto owner’s home or business, and use equipment to wash the car and then take it for detailing. For a successful business, they will need to purchase industrial cleaning products which can help reduce the chemicals used in conventional washing and waxing methods.

The good news is that many mobile and professional detailing shops now offer eco-friendly ways to clean cars. Some of these companies also offer organic cotton polishes and waxes for customers to use. Most of these eco-friendly cleaning products are made using vegetable oil. The downside to eco-friendly cleaners and waxes is that they are more expensive than traditional cleaners and waxes. Many professional detailers and car owners choose to use traditional wax and polish products, because they are less harmful to the environment.

Lastly, one other career option for detailers is work from home. The number of detailer work sites has dramatically increased over the past few years. Working from home allows detailers to set their own schedule and pay their own taxes. While not a great option for starting a family, some people choose to run their own auto detailing shop because it allows them to earn extra money around the house while working at what they enjoy the most.