The Different Jobs That Auto Detailing Has to Offer

What exactly is Auto Detailing? Defining the difference between body shops and auto detailers starts with first gaining an understanding of what exactly is involved in auto detailing. While it is a popular misconception that auto detailers are the same as car washes, it is important to understand that only the very best auto detailers truly cover thorough cleaning procedures to maintain your vehicle in tip top shape. If you are shopping for a local detailer, ask them about their cleaning services, what equipment they use, and any recommended products. The best shops will also offer a free consultation where you can discuss your specific auto care needs.

Car detailing is the process of restoring your vehicle to its original showroom or condition after a thorough cleaning. While many auto detailers focus on just the paint finish, there are actually several different types of auto detailers. Each specializes in a certain type of cleaning. The two most common types of detail work are wet or dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Wet cleaning is the preferred method of auto detailing for vehicle upholstery and vinyl. It is also used for vinyl floors, interior detailing on the inside of the vehicle, and any type of hard to reach places. This method involves spraying a cleaning solution or liquid onto the area that needs cleaning, working it in with a rotary or oscillating tool. An air compressor helps to move the solution through a variety of mediums such as fabric, carpet, and suede. It is important to let the solution dry thoroughly before moving on.

Dry cleaning is a less extreme form of auto detailing that does not require an intense amount of cleaning solution or water. It uses a sprayer that dispenses a product like alcohol or acetone. This is usually used for light to moderate stains, such as dirt and grease. If you have extremely dirty areas, this may be your only option.

Steam cleaning is the most popular method used by auto detailers today. It is often used to wash leather interior products such as seats and steering wheel covers. A rotary or oscillating tool is used to apply the cleaning agent into the area. A powerful jet of water is used to rinse off the dirt and grime after the product has been applied.

Mobile detailing is a term used to describe a specific type of auto detailers. Mobile detailers typically come to your home, place your car on a lift, and remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. They will then use cleaning solutions and a squeegee to remove any visible debris that they can. They will then give you a quote for the cleaning process.

Most people are unsure about which is the right place to go when it comes to restoring an automobile. Many carwash owners will tell you to contact a body shop, but there are a few reasons why this is not always the case. In the first place, carwash owners typically don’t do any original auto body work. Also, most mobile detailers don’t have experience doing paint jobs, so they might not be able to complete the job correctly.

Some of the auto detailers will even purchase original parts for your vehicle in order to do custom jobs. These would include replacing engines and transmission fluids, chrome upholstery, and upholstery cleaning. Some upholstery shops will also wax your car if you don’t want wax. Auto detailing is important no matter where it occurs, but it is especially important for your classic cars. Make sure that you trust the person doing the job before you pay them.